Aquarium Maintenance


Your contract and monthly rental fee includes fortnightly maintenance on your aquarium to keep it running in peak condition.

Regular aquarium servicing is essential to the health and well being of your fish and plants and will ensure that your aquarium retains its ‘good as new’ appearance.

We have all seen fish tanks that have been poorly maintained or neglected—defeating the purpose of having the tank in the first place. You are installing a fish tank in order to reduce stress levels within the office, provide customers with a tranquil atmosphere to wait in and to brighten up your reception area.  For this to work effectively, the tank needs to be regularly maintained.

· Fish give off waste products (ammonia) which, if unattended, will quickly contaminate everything in your tank.  Filters manage this waste problem by converting ammonia to nitrite (still toxic), then nitrate (arguably non-toxic), but if the filter is not routinely managed it will not do its job and will eventually give off toxic waste itself.

· Also, did you know the aquarium water’s pH levels alter as time progresses.  These shifts must be monitored and regulated.  If left unattended, your fish will eventually be swimming in acid!

· Even with the filters and water parameters under control, waste and toxins will still accumulate in your aquarium with time.  These must be removed by partial water changes on a regular basis.

· The equipment within your aquarium is mechanical.  The lights, heaters, filters, pumps and feeders may all fail at some point in time.  These need to be checked, cleaned and adjusted regularly.

· Gravel needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove any build up of toxins which are building up amongst it.

· Essential ‘good’ bacteria's which live within your tank are constantly being consumed by the fish and plants within your tank.  These need to be replaced on a regular basis.

All aquarium cleaning and maintenance must be performed on a regular basis, however many owners with the best of intentions may neglect their tanks under the strain of everyday life.  That is where Aquariums By Colin can help.  Neither you or your staff will need to touch the aquarium, except for the daily feed.


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Last modified: 05/21/08