Aquarium Leasing


If you are looking for therapy and relaxation, nothing beats a great looking Aquarium.

Imagine the smiles on the faces of your valued staff and clients when you elevate their environment to new levels with your new superbly maintained aquarium.  In your reception area and within foyers a stylish good looking aquarium is impressive, interesting and aesthetically pleasing décor with a difference.

An aquarium will help visitors remember YOUR venue.  Its uniqueness can be indicative of a challenging, innovative and pro-active management. 

Scientific studies prove that aquariums relax and calm the human mind.  Imagine having the aquarium of your dreams that  has the unique advantage of reducing the office stress levels, or perhaps you would like a new focal point for your restaurant?  Why not create a tranquil setting and talking point for your cliental whilst they wait.

I will work with you to create an aquarium which compliments your existing décor.  Aquariums are available in varying sizes, shapes, styles, and a range of colours to suit your circumstances.

An aquarium can be a pleasant addition to Reception areas, Office Foyers, Doctors Surgeries, Shopping Centres, Hotel Foyers, Day Care Centres or simply your own home!

Leasing has fast become the most effective means for a

business to manage it’s assets. 

Consider the tax advantages of leasing:-

· The rental charge is usually an immediate office expense. 

· You will not end up with a paper asset which you then have to depreciate. 

· You will not end up with an asset which you may need to dispose of or relocate when you eventually move, renovate or upgrade your premises.

Aquarium Leasing can save you money too. 

· You have the comfort of knowing that you are insured against loss of fish—for whatever reason.  Tropical Aquariums can easily hold hundreds of dollars of plants and fish.  Marine Aquariums may cost in the thousands. 

· You will never need to worry about the cost of replacing filters, lights, heaters, pumps or ornaments. 

· You will not need water testing kits or treatments, and you will not need to supply fish food. 

· Most importantly, you will not have the stress of day to day maintenance on your tank—this will be done for you!

Simply lease the Aquarium of your choice, sit back, relax and enjoy your aquarium.

A range of packages are available, starting at less than $6.50 per day.  Contact us for an obligation free measure and quote.


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Last modified: 05/21/08